As of February 1st 2012, Pirate Design is becoming ZAR.

Same company, same service.
Different name.

We’re aslo expanding our studio to meet and grow with our client’s needs.

We produce all of our work in-house here in Los Angeles. This means the same people work on every project to bring you consistent quality and our unique trademark style on every image.

We’ve been  producing world class, competition winning, project generating renderings since 2004.

The difference between a regular 3D image and our work is the story we tell.

We work hard with our clients to come up with a vision for their projects, designs and concepts that go beyond just illustrating what might one day be built.  We want the architect’s clients as well as the public at large to feel how it will be to wander the space they’re looking at.  To do this requires coming up with a concept and following it through to the conclusion of the image that addresses the design and it’s intended use.

Each artist at ZAR has both an arts and architecture background.  This gives us the experience and skills to interpret your design into a great image without you having to hold our hands.  We let you get on with the business and process of being an architect

Whether it’s a competition, internal meeting, or the first time your project is presented to a city planning commission or neighborhood council, getting the best the first time around is worth it.

We provide outstanding work for every project. The drawing isn’t finished until the vision is yours.